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Bookings for weekends and school holidays may be made up to 3 years in advance.

You can also book up to 3 years ahead if you make an Exclusive booking in the Education Centre (62 Primary school pupils and 54 Secondary school pupils).  For bookings in the Training Centre, the minimum number for an Exclusive booking is 16 pupils.

Courses for Sunderland schools, colleges and youth groups are prioritised and are offered at a reduced rate.

Our normal ratios for activity groups are below; our advertised prices for standard courses are based on these ratios.  For custom courses, or for groups (such as SEN schools) requiring a different staffing ratio, we are happy to provide a quotation.

  • Primary schools: 1 tutor to 12 participants
  • Secondary schools, colleges and youth organisations: 1 tutor to 10 participants
  • Targeted development training, GCSE PE: 1 tutor to 8 participants

Depending upon the number of activity groups required, the price of a standard course is based on a minimum number of participants.  For example, a secondary school course with 4 activity groups can have a maximum of 40 participants, and the minimum price is for 35 participants.

If you have a large group, you can book the centre for exclusive use.  The minimum number for an Exclusive booking is 62 (primary), 54 (secondary), 43 ( targeted development training and GCSE PE).

Otherwise, you can make an Independent booking, where you may share the centre with another similar organisation.

We can also arrange collection from Penrith Train Station.

Derwent Hill funds one staff place per group.  Wherever practically possible we encourage schools to also bring another floating member of staff who would normally be the Visit Leader.

For a summary of our courses and prices for schools, please download the relevant document below.  To book, please contact us or complete and return the booking form below.

Prices for colleges and youth groups are similar but depend on the nature of the group – please enquire for details.

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