Revision Weekends

For all ages

Our REVISION courses use tailored outdoor activities to raise the aspirations and motivation of students in preparation for exams.

Revision weekends are becoming more popular as schools endeavour to find new ways to introduce effective revision techniques and encourage students to revise.

We can offer courses that use tailored outdoor activities as well as revision sessions covering subject content and revision techniques.  This allows valuable contact time with students before exams, encouraging a ‘don’t give up attitude’ and raising aspirations and motivation.

St Anthony’s Girls’ Catholic Academy came to Derwent Hill in May 2018 for a Revision weekend:

The purpose of the Derwent Hill trip was to give intensive support with revision in the core subjects and also to build confidence and self-esteem through team building and challenging outdoor activities.  It also helped to broaden their horizons and give them a cultural experience, as some of the students have never been on a school trip before.”  Mrs Marie Lanaghan, Deputy Head Teacher.

‘Student feedback was extremely positive. Although they did not enjoy being woken at 6.30  am they realised we had to do it to fit everything in. They now appreciate what they could fit in to weekends in the run up to their GCSE exams.’  Mathematics Subject Leader / Associate Senior leader

‘Another successful visit, first time I have attended a revision weekend which was extremely successful. Can’t wait to attend more!’ Tara Horner,  Teacher.

What did St Anthony’s do at Derwent Hill?

St Anthony’s arrived mid-afternoon on the Friday and left at 4.00 p.m on Sunday. They went straight into study sessions on arrival and enjoyed a sunset walk up Catbells on Friday evening.

Over the weekend they completed 10 hours of revision (students got up at 6.30 so they could start their revision earlier and take part in more activities) and took part in the following activities: the High Challenge, The Big Swing, Canoeing and Gorge Walking.

We can create a bespoke Revision course according to your specific requirements, or you can choose one of our standard programmes.

  • Programme 1: Short revision sessions

One hour revision sessions followed by two hour activity sessions. This allows students to learn the ‘study in short bursts’ approach and activities were longer in length to provide more challenging scenarios and inspiration for their work.

Sample programme

  • Programme 2: Longer revision sessions

One and a half hour study sessions with in grounds energisers and longer afternoon activity sessions and evening study sessions. This allows students to recognise the importance of short revision sessions with breaks, to enable them to study more effectively and get the most out of their revision time.

Sample programme

Prices start from £113 per pupil (VAT exempt) for Sunderland Schools. 
As theses course are bespoke the price may vary once your programme is tailored.

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