For Years 7 to 10

The CHALLENGE course helps young people understand and develop their personal attributes and character traits, equipping them to succeed in school and life.

During a CHALLENGE course our experienced tutors support students through a challenging week of activities.  Days are spent away from Derwent Hill, with full day activities whenever possible.   Activities are challenging but allow time for reflection in order to draw learning from the activities and make connections with school and life.   An ethos of journeying through real, adventurous activities and gaining skills is core to this course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Improve self awareness and personal responsibility
    • Challenge intolerance or lack of respect in others
    • Recognise and modify any aspects of behaviour that adversely effect their group
    • Take a full part in all aspects of centre life and take responsibility for their actions
    • Understand the impact of their activities on the environment
    • Undertake tasks to maintain the cleanliness of the Centre
  • Develop the ability to work with other people and to contribute to the success of a team
    • Are actively involved in the planning of their outdoor education activities
    • Understand the importance of listening to the ideas and opinions of others
    • Take responsibility for not letting the others down
    • Feel they can make a positive contribution to the success of the team
    • Be able to relate teamwork skills to their learning environment.
  • Improve the ability to solve problems and meet new challenges
    • Persevere with good humour in the face of discomfort
    • Are willing to try out a variety of ideas in order to find out what will work
    • Understand how this skill can be useful in their future lives
    • Have a look at Neale’s Survival Challenge to learn more about these skills.
  • Increase motivation and appetite for learning, and raise aspirations
    • Always aim to achieve their best
    • Appreciate the attractiveness to employers of self-reliance and commitment
    • Have good or improving relationships with staff
    • Display good or improving behaviour
    • Learn to assess and manage risk
    • Acquire skills and knowledge in the use and care of outdoor equipment
    • Vary and adapt what they do in response to changing circumstances

Sample Challenge course programme

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