For Years 4 & 5

DISCOVER is the perfect first residential course for younger primary children. They enjoy new experiences, explore nature, develop independence and gain confidence.

The five-day DISCOVER course focuses on discovering new environments using a range of different activities.   It is designed to encourage natural curiosity and playful enjoyment of the countryside.

Learning Outcomes

  • Enjoy new experiences
    • Enjoy being outdoors – smile a lot.  Talk about their experiences with enthusiasm
    • Experience eating healthy foods in a social setting
    • Have the opportunity to reflect on their experiences
  • Explore the natural environment
    • Experience the Lake District environment
    • Experience varying weather conditions
    • Demonstrate care for their environment in their own actions
  • Take their first steps towards independence
    • Take care of their personal possessions and their personal hygiene
    • Undertake appropriate tasks with minimum levels of supervision
    • Make their own beds and keep their bedrooms tidy
    • Take responsibility for their behaviour towards others in social time
  • Gain personal confidence
    • Feel proud of what they have achieved
    • Overcome their apprehensions to take part in challenging activities
    • Display more social confidence – come out of their shell
    • Act confidently in their discussions with adults and their peers
    • Learn a new skill by having a go at making Sam’s Breadstick Twists

The Derwent Hill Experience

Our highly experienced and trained staff support the children through their voyage of discovery on what may be their first residential visit.  Activities include:

  • a lake journey
  • discovering the Derwent Hill grounds using maps
  • environmental exploration using games
  • a walk through the valley then on to the fell to see the variety of environments and flora and fauna
  • a chance to discover what it means to be part of a team and to cooperate with others

Sample Discover course programme

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