Custom courses

For all ages

We can design a course from scratch, or tailor one of our standard courses, around your desired learning outcomes. We are also happy to work in partnership with teachers or youth leaders to co-design and co-deliver a course.

We can adapt one of our standard courses, or design a course from scratch, to meet your needs. We can design courses to be delivered by our tutors, and we can also work with your staff to design a course to be delivered in partnership.

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Examples of custom courses

  • Exam revision weekend: in the approach to GCSEs or A-levels, a weekend at Derwent Hill with a mixture of activity time and revision time motivates young people to work hard and achieve better grades.
  • Leadership: preparing to make a difference at school or beyond.
  • Employability & enterprise: preparing for the world of work.
  • Induction: e.g. for the whole of Year 7 or sixth form, at the start of the school year.
  • GCSE: during a course at Derwent Hill, students can achieve the exam requirements for outdoor activities associated with their GCSE exam board.
  • Subject – focused course: using the outdoors for real-world learning and inspiration: e.g. Geography; Science; Literacy; Creative Writing; Maths.
  • Activity course: e.g. an introduction to a range of activities; an opportunity to specialise and develop skills in a particular activity; training for a Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition; an activity break or adventure holiday.

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