For Year 6

EXPLORE is an exciting 5-day residential outdoor education course for older primary school children, helping them face challenges such as SATs and the transition to secondary school.

The EXPLORE five-day course takes children through a progressive series of adventurous activities among the mountains and lakes of the Lake District, to experience activities as part of a team and learn about themselves.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop self awareness and social skills
    • Make new friends
    • Encourage others to achieve
    • Treat others with tolerance and respect
    • Be able to share the games facilities
  • Increase personal confidence through successfully meeting new challenges
    • Want a second go at things they find challenging the first time
    • Succeed where before they felt they could not succeed
    • Feel positive about themselves – have a ‘can-do’ attitude
    • Enjoy their experiences
  • Develop personal responsibility
    • Behave appropriately with a lower level of supervision
    • Know how to dress appropriately for outdoor activities
    • Take responsibility for the tidiness of a communal area
  • Develop co-operation, trust and support in a team
    • Willingly trust others and accept support
    • Come up with ideas and are able to express them
    • Understand how their own actions impact on others
    • Learn more about teamwork skills by trying our Blindfold Exploring challenge.
  • Experience awe and wonder at the natural world, and take time to reflect on this
    • Experience and gain respect for the power of natural forces
    • Appreciate and draw inspiration from the natural environment
    • See wildlife in its natural environment
    • Discuss the lifecycle of the animals and plants they find
    • Respond positively in challenging or uncomfortable environments
    • Be able to describe their experiences orally or in another medium
    • Learn how to respect the natural environment by learning the Countryside Code. Try our game to learn more about the Countryside Code.
  • Understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle
    • Have a positive self image
    • Adopt a healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating appropriate to the demands of their activities

The Derwent Hill Experience

Our highly experienced tutors will lead the children on an exploration of the local environment using a range of activities including:

  • canoeing
  • bushcraft
  • orienteering
  • rock climbing
  • mine exploration
  • orienteering
  • ghyll scrambling
  • a full day’s hill-walk
  • the Big Swing and Gladiator Challenge
  • team tasks

Sample Explore course programme

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